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I'm a girly girl as my sister often reminded me as kids. Yet I never got really excited about make-up. Then I rediscovered eye shadow and MAC and got interested. And so I recently started wearing lipstick (on occasion) again after being a clear gloss girl for a good while. So it was only a matter of time before mascara followed suit. It is the one thing that is not just a fun add-on to me but a must as without you can't find my lashes. This rediscovery round I decided to up the ante and try something other than the standard otherwise know as black or black/brown.

I searched high and low and decided on my favorite color; aubergine which of course I could not find. I ended up online at the Bijenkorf and bit the bullet for the baby doll mascara from Yves Saint Laurent in violet, which is far outside my usual price range.. I have only had it for a day but love, love, love the effect. It does not have the heaviness of black but still the drama. I feel like batting my doll like lashes like a true butterfly. Forgive my pic (taken with my phone and office lighting), but you get the idea.

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