My quiet office update

My workspace is in my bedroom so it's on display long after I switch off. And for that reason I have been forever switching my idea for the space. A diy desk, an old door, paint the existing desk, add crates, ply wall and the list goes on. I actually had an curated selection of accesories, colleting dust, while I continued to change my mind.

In the end, I fell for a much smaller, lighter desk and that set the tone to have this space light, bright and simple. This space is not about using any of the tech that seems to have become an actual physical appendage. This is my spot for reading, writing, sketching, basically for a quieter, more thoughtful workmode.

The desk is from Ikea, the green metal shelves are by Isabel Quiroga, the oak wall holders are pinch by Moebe. The glass and leather vase, hourglass and similar accesories can be found at By Zenz. The 2016 leather buckle calender is from One Must Dash.

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