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I spend a large chunk of my working and free time behind a computer screen. At work preferably at the lounge desk with its adjustable couch and at home in total lazy mode meaning lounging on bed in a spine-unfriendly position while staring at my desk which is only a couple of meters to the right. I’m a total lazy queen and a normal desk just does not call out ‘come hither’ to me despite my back whispering 'help me'. And so my workspace is definitely on the list for a corner fix but just right now…I want to do the kids spaces first. That’s OK though because it gives me time to make a plan of attack. What is an inviting workspace? How can I achieve this in my own space? With minimal changes? This is ‘my get my butt out of bed and into the deskchair’ mood board. 
Even in the store I was torn between a black and a white desk and ending up going for black. Guess what..back from black. The desk is going white. And my wall of art is great but time for a change. Time for some fresh inspiration. I’m loving the prints from Mydeerartshop (the dipped girl art is stunning but out of my price range). And then there is my undying affection for Therese Sennerholt. Her customer edition and don’t play with me postcard sets just click. 
Same goes for the desk top..less is more and so is subtle. I want to switch out the bright colour for subtler, softer shades. Winter whites, greys and black. Still with a bit of colour, just not orange and pink. I’m thinking a hint of dark purple which is my favourite colour. So how perfect is this storage box from Housedoctor? Less storage, more space, a few choice accessories and some greenery for an extra oxygen boost. And then, then comes the chair. I still love the look of the Maui desk chair but super comfortable for hours on end it is not. So why not soften it up with the old favourite; a sheepskin throw in grey to keep it soft and lush. What do think? Is this good to get upright & get to working? I’m thinking yes but we’ll see once completed. Stay tuned.

The concrete house is from Applicata via Emma B. The giant glass bell with white foot is from Store Without a home. The hourglass is from Hema. The concrete tape dispenser is from Areaware via Fonq. The sheepskin from Livv Lifestyle.


  1. ooo i love a nice homeware mood board. Love the modern feel of all these things! x

    1. Thanks Rachel Marie!
      I like your blog, the Chelsea boots are a great score.


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