Treasure home

Ooh, I stood forever staring at this product at the stand from Studio de Winkel while at the expo and had to physically restrain my hand from picking it up an taking it to the register. I love all things with the simple house shape of a child's drawing. I like pure materials like glass and wood, Throw in being a showcase for treasures and I’m sold.  

Even now I feel a little flushed thinking how stellar this would look holding one or two delicate sculptures like the bunnies from Lise Lefebvre or Liesbet Milort and residing next to the equally delicate vase and bowl on my media cabinet. But equally good for housing jewelry or any other little treasures you want to showcase. From Räder and available in three sizes (15, 11 & 8cm) that look good on their own or great standing close together like a mini treasure village. Available at Studio de Winkel which has bumped it's way back up the list of favourites.

P.S. Here's what I did purchase at Studio de Winkel..and a coming post!

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