A norwegian dream home

Peeking at beautiful homes is as fun as if not more so than looking at all the lovely products available. Yet I don’t post many tours because it’s seems like every interior blogger end up posting the same home, often conspicuously close together in timing. Jumping on the joint tour bandwagon is just not that appealing. However some homes are so intriguing that I'll take that chance. 
I love this home designed by Haptic. It incoporate the beams of this 19th century apartment into the warm modern aesthetic. I love it not just for the well-shared staircase but also the gorgeous fireplace which is so unexpected tucked into a corner of the kitchen counter, the overall dark color of the kitchen and let's not even start on the ultimate in paired back bathing. There is inspiration everywhere you look. Click on the links to see more pictures of this home and some other inspiring Haptic projects.

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