Scheduled..fall restyled, fighting fit, linear lights & funky sacks

Early onset old-age or just plain bone-tired but it slipped my mind to mentioned this week's schedule. So with bleary sleep-deprived eyes I decided to make a quickie schedule post. Good thing too because only then did I realise I forgot to finish one of the posts! Back to early old-age.

This week holds;
  • Despite the amazing weather that had me contemplating daisy dukes today, I have started getting my home ready for autumn.
  • I'm super excited that I am over my first hour of running and also because I decided to step it up a notch at my yoga class (cute dude alert..) here's to workout gear to get you noticed before, during and after the work-out.
  • I need multiple homes to kit out with all the minimal beauties out there, starting with linear lighting.
  • And because my kids are as fly as me and just as picky, a cool kids brand to keep there spaces fun and oh so hip.
That's this week in a nutshell. Have a great week.

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