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Work-out gear is no longer reserved for sports and so no longer only available by sports brands and/or in shapes more suited to a dude. The kicks selection is rocking.Yet every time I seem to try something from a brand that has a women's line but is not a women's brand, I end up thinking I look like a block, colour or not.
But luckily It seems like every women's highstreet fashion brand, think H&M, Mango, Twist & Tango now has a line or at least a few pieces of work-out gear.Then there are the brands that specialise in super smoking hot workout gear with ditto pricing. So there is zero reason to look like you purchased your stuff from the men’s department. My work-out gear is a mismatch of brands and price ranges and more towards the lower range but if I could choose, here’s what I’d be wearing for working out;

Grey Inah sweater and black Anne trousers from Twist & Tango are almost too good for the gym. You might want to save them for after the workout, so you can be fit and fabulous leaving the gym. 

I have quite a bit of kit from H&M but what can I say they have a great choice of fun, good quality gear for a reasonable price but right now want I want is protection for my fingers (too practical/ugly for a pic), winter-hardy leggings just in cause and heck yeah, I need that extra bit of oomph..

A bit of a newcomer but no the less good. I am loving the feel of the Mango collection, everything seems so comfy and effortlessly cool. And since my goal is too look cute while contorted in my power yoga class, I figured a devore shirt and teal figuring-enhancing leggings are a good place to start.

& Then there is Michi. I won't lie...I'd rock that in a snap. Every single piece is has something unexpected and every single piece is unapologetic sexy woman, down to the most smoking sports bras ever! No mistaking this line is not for wallflower. It says get up, get out, get moving, get noticed and that's exactly how strong I feel when I work out! Top favourites are the Illusion jacket, Valor tank and Empress bra.

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