City trippin

As much as I love my home, the walls sometimes seem to be closing in on me. Probably because I didn’t take any time off during the summer or even for Autumn break. A vacation in your onesome is so new to me it feels like taking a leap into an abyss. Did I mention I have a fear of depths and the dark.. But then I saw this hotel and a shift occurred. Maybe, just maybe I could manage a smaller step? 

Say a midweek or weekend break, not too far away but definitely somewhere designed, cool and oh-so happening. Well this is the destination for me! The Bold designhotel in Munich. Minimal, clean lines and functional but with loads of design details.I love the mix of modern pieces from Hay and mid-century finds. Yes please, time to pack a bag and discover with this city is all about.

P.S. The hotel has a webshop so no need to steal the towels or bathrobe..

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