Rub a dub dub...

...I no longer have a tub. I have toured all the spaces in my home besides the wash spaces, otherwise known as the loo, bathroom and laundry room. These are the spaces that needed the lest work but I only just completed the bathroom with the hanging of the Teti lamp and floating tray. 
This is a rental so I couldn’t go hog-wild like I did in my previous bathroom but I did make a few improvements to make it ours. Sticking with the white base, all the functional accessories including the lighting are white. I then added a hanging cabinet in dark wood for contrast which lends us some much needed storage. I oiled the kids toothbrushing stool back to life, added my super plush Vipp towels in eggplant (a fave colour is a fave colour) and out came the blue Seletti submarino because fun is the way to go with six am wake-up calls. A few accessories I already owned including a textural laundry basket that is over a decade old, my beloved handcrafted dish and porcelain orchid from Singapore and several candles because tub or not I still love a candlelit wash. 

Even the kids toys are out and displayed because this is their home to, climbing the radiator to tap the roof is mom-cringing love of theirs. A last little detail that I love is the tiny hanging shelf which holds a single item, in this case a water cup with a single pink flower. I love this space for the light that streams through the huge window as bathrooms with no or tiny windows drive me too close to the edge on winter mornings. I do miss my Jacuzzi bath but have to admit I’m a fervent showerer and everything just feel so spacious without that a bath would probably have made it cramped.

The loo has the exact same color as my last as I still (even now) love that rich dark blue. And same as the bath, all the functional accessories are in white. The framed pictures were bought while in Penang and the towel holder is a gym hook from Hay. A fun detail is the giant brass nail that the keyhole mirror from Raumgestalten is hanging on. I’m thinking of carrying the blue up to the ceiling and adding some hanging art to emphasise the height of the tiniest room in the house.

I love that I have a dedicated laundry room. Out of sight is the minimalist credo. Piles of wash and sorting just get the door shut on them till I’m ready for laundry duty. I won’t lie..I really dislike ironing. But when I do, I enjoy another big window and the hippest Scandi-inspired ironing board out there. Yep, I can excited about an ironing board and laundry storage rack. Bring on your inner housewife! And then take a long, warm shower..

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