Winter is coming

It's cold, baby! On the ride to school we were discussing what three degrees means. For me, it means snuggle up and bunker down time. My furry slippers only leave my feet to shower and you risk sitting on someone as we are all permanently hidden under a blanket on the sofa. All jokes aside, it also means cozying up our home. I burn candles every night, added more and especially softer cushions and am in the process of making home holiday ready. For me, it's all about winter warmth..

Scented candle from Brooklyn candle studio,stoneware holders from Marimekko, birch candles from Arhaus, velvet cushion from H&M, reflection tealight holder from Piet Moodshop and chunky knit blanket from The Flying Lambau.

Some good resources to check out, from both sides of the pond include Arhaus, H&M and Pinterest

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