Mika's spiced autumn baba

When the weather outside is cold..bake cake. I'm actually very serious about this. Not like there is ever a bad time to eat cake. But after a beautiful summer full of gorgeous sunny days, the current palette of grey and rain and a garden that has been hacked back to prepare for winter, has left me craving something warm and the kiddos something sweet.

In comes this seasonal version of a baba au rhum. I love any dessert with an alcoholic twist so I'm all over baba's. Add to it the warming fragrance of cinnamon, vanilla, nugmet, ginger, piment, orange zest and topped with a spiced Grand Manier syrup and leftover maple butter dressing (more about that later) and we're done. Named after my little helper, bestest tester and not to forget beater-licker ๐Ÿ˜‹. Everyone had seconds and some no names even had thirds.. It even had the baby, who we recently started weaning, giving me eyes. 

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