Double caramel vanilla popcorn

I'm a craver. I often have spontaneous cravings for some specific food (often an unhealthy snack..) and then nothing else will do. And that's often the deal on Sundays, which is my most relaxed day of the week and leaving me the most time to feel snacky.

Luckily popcorn kernels are a staple in our home as well as 'mama stroop' a.k.a. vanilla syrup. Add to that a handful or two of mini caramels I had on hand for some much-craved apple bake, and my foodie fetish was satisfied.. till  another day. A perfect mix of plain, light and dark baked syrup coated  popcorn, baked with and topped with even more caramel pieces. Beautifully served (not so much stored.. I snack fast) on the beautiful circum container. 

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