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I love baking. One of the great joys of my kitchen, besides my beloved coffee machine, is the double baking capability. Trust me, my oven sees plenty o' action. As does my kitchen machine, mixing bowl and rolling pin. Basically all the implement needed for baking. Here are the implements I would still like to acquire so I can bake up an even bigger storm.

My dream machine in my fav aubergine color

Silicone rolling pin for non-sticking and tearing of dough, with built-in size indicator

Silicone rolling mat for kneading without tons of extra flour

An essential when blind-baking pie crusts, for keeping them flat and helping heat distribution. No more faffing about with cooking beans for me

A pizza stone to get the crustiness of brick-oven pizza. I max out my oven at 250 + celsius. This would help to keep it steady and draw away any excess moisture.

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