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There was a brief window of good weather awhile back, followed by sporadic moments of sunny weather , e.g. Queens day. But just the promise of sunshine and balmy breezes, makes me want to update and freshen up the garden. Cast off the slush, mush and moss of winter. So friday's good warmer, non-rainy weather was used during the kids nap time to mown the grass, remove the moss and weeds from the tiles, sweep everything down and edge the buxus bushes with grey gravel.

I would have liked to do more, but did not have all the stuff needed. Still need to scrub down the wooden lawn furniture and add more gravel as it was not enough to surround all the buxus bushes. Perhaps paint the fencing on the right to match the one we did two summers back as the wood has take a beating with the extreme (for Holland) winter's cold.

When the basics are done, then it is time to party. In my case decorating. My one true love (not really, but close enough). By far the most fun for me in the whole project. Here are the items on my inspiration and hopefully shopping list to finish the space off.

Oooms solar birdhouse to sit next to the a bird's palace and above the spot where my agapanthus usually sit

For a bit of color, my old staple the throw cushion will be moving outdoors. This color matches some of the indoor cousins

An oldie but goodie; the puppy, but then in my favorite glossy white. A cool seat for my daughter who will seat on any and everything. Really, buckets, lego, babies, nothing is safe from her behind
 My pet peeve is the horrid array and combination of colors found in kids toys. Basically anything for kids has the color palette of a color-blind man. But the goal is fun, so even I must give in, ... sometimes. Heh, a can of spraypaint can do wonders.

How fun is this slide! You can attach the garden hose for a super slippery ride. Best of all it folds up  quickly and easily for storage, thus saving mom from the design equivalent of garlic to a vampire.

A cute, bright, cuddly (soft ears) rocker with a humdinger of a cute nose. How much is that doggy in the window? Arf Arf. The one with the waggley tail.

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