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I like things neat, orderly and in a certain way. A particular angle to the cushions on the couch. A specific spot for each book on the 14 or so metres of bookshelves in the living room. Even when loading the cutlery into the dishwasher there is specific spot for knives, forks etc.

Obviously my neurotic tic extends to my kids stuff. A specific section for each type of clothing. A specific spot for each toy. But oh, how the toys quickly accumulate. At the moment the toys in their bedroom are neatly put away. But those in the living room (known as the inner sanctum) were starting to overflow with the Queens day spoils.

To combat this and contain the self-replicating lego, we got these storage containers today!

They are available here in Holland at lots of stores. However not in fuchsia, which I had to have. Long live Amazon (UK).

The next part of the dilemma is how to incorporate all the storage containers (abovementioned plus one pink rubber bucket, one white Ikea Malm storage box and various books, bits and bobs. All part of the overhaul of the kids play area I am (slowly) putting into production. I will put together a kind of mood board in a following post of my plans for this space. However I still need some help deciding on the desk.

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