Dream B-day

So the big 30 is closing in fast. I remember having panic attacks about getting old when I was a teenager. Back then thirty was a game changer. I doubt anything will change and so no huge changes and purchases needed. But a girl can dream.This is my if "money was not a consideration, big spender, totally unrealistic, maybe someday/but not right now dream"...

KitchenAid Artisan Mixer
If you know me a bit, you knew I would end up loving the most expensive one in the line; chrome. Following distant second and third are the brushed nickel and pearl versions.

iPhone 5
My conversion to the apple brand (2008) started with the first iPhone model. My current is completely full storage-wise, has cracks on the screen and is plain out old. I want, no I need the 5 and then in white.

Canon Eos M
Currently using a Sony digital compact camera which is on it's last leg (problems with the lens, spots, frequent errors). I want a camera that takes great, not good photo's but does not need it's own backpack and a back brace to lug it around.

Samsung Series 9 laptop
Also my current laptop from Dell which is not that old has been annoying me senseless lately, esp. since sharing with the hubbie. Slow, slow and slow. Heavy and kinda ugly. My laptop needs are quite shallow; pictures, images and light reading, but then done everywhere (from garden to bathroom). So I only need a good screen, fast flitting capabilities and easy to carry. One thing you can not say about the Samsung is fugly.

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