Mika's first

Mika is exactly one month away from his first age milestone; turning one! Calls for a celebration, don't you think? Being a baby and all, he has no birthday (gift) wishes and/or can not express them. That's okay though, I'll make his wishes for him, as any good and slightly controlling mum would. Here are some pre-approved (only half joking) gift ideas. All from the Bijenkorf.

For my head-banging, butt shaking, jumping and jiving, musically inspired dude. How can he anything else, what with all his names having music links? To complete the family bandstand consisting of a guitar, accordion, harmonica, flute, tambourine and xylophone; a baby drum (set).

Nothing beats destroying a tower, except doing so over and over and over again. Therefore more wooden building blocks please. These two sets are great as their have different sizes, letters, numbers and shapes making them great for puzzling and learning as well as building.
 If you have not figured it out; we prefer if our kids use their own imagination as much as possible, even if they don't. So wooden, non-battery operation toys please. In this case planes, trains, cranes & automobiles... in wood. How cute is this ride-on fire truck with built in storage?

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