Go to the fair, go to the playground

I joke with my husband about my extensive list of web shops, brands and products being the most valuable thing on my computer. So I thought why not share the awesomeness?

First up to bat: The Graphic playground. Recently added to my digital like list after a visit to my old school town during the Arnhemse Stockdagen (yet to unpack half of the goodies). I got the cutest little stamp set, pencils, handmade pink crepe coffee cup and got to see and feel the lamps from Studio Moss Design which I have been salivating over for months. All with a dosis of great service as they helped me find another lovely shop.

The shop is cute, small, independent and breathes creativity and originality in the products it carries but also in the shop design itself. I love the simple shelving and presentation displays made out of OSB sheets. Très créatif, no? Check out their facebook via the site for more of their great photos or take a 360 tour.

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