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I’ve posted quite a bit on carrying my tech, see here, here and here. While I have yet to decide on what to get for my iPad and laptop, what cover for my iPhone was pretty much an instantaneous decision. Don’t get me wrong, while I did initially struggle with my love for the Knucklecase and a silver geometric case from Marc by Marc Jacobs, the practicality of needing to protect my screen while swimming on the bottom of my tardis of a work bag and being able to fit my phone into a car kit twice a day won out. My ideal phone case needs to; A. protect sides, back and front B. slip off quickly and easily or else lay completely flush in the car kit cradle and C. which is extremely important, look the part!
When I finally updated my phone a couple months ago I ended up choosing the Lapàporter ballerina case in soft black leather with a black python bow for contrast. Super stylish, simplicity with an almost imperceptible edge. Imagine my pain as to having lost it recently while rushing in and out of my car. I mean I never lose anything as I have a bit of control tick, much less my beloved and rather new phone case. I took about a week looking at (cheaper) alternatives, resulting in several acquired scratches on my screen.
 In this search I turned to the Lapàporter site daily. I adore the python line, but could not justify the price for a replacement case so shortly after the first. Funnily, just as I decided to go for the glam gold case, I saw there were new versions of the ballerina line and a new line; salmon. The salmon line totally made my heart sing for giving me the textural effect of python without the price and it comes in pink! This is my first non-black case, as I am scared of getting bored too quickly when it comes to color. It feels so delightful and the texture also makes it a bit sturdier. All in all another lovely case, which is beautifully made and striking but not overbearingly in your face. And no, I am not paid for advertising. I just love things that show quality and craftsmanship and this brand delivers. I might even try and save my pennies, dimes and quarters for the iPad case in python.

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