Designer love; Pana Objects

It’s been a while since I have posted about a product or store that made me skip a beat or smile like a Cheshire cat. What with the grey, rainy autumn weather I thought it high time to focus on a design collective who turn useful, everyday objects into fun and original little whimsies, all in wood. When I saw Pana Objects washi tape holder aptly named Crackie, in the shape of a … cookie I burst into giggles. It arrived just before the weekend from Thailand and is now sitting proudly on my desk as I write this post. Holding my most favorite roll of neon pink tape. I also love the Tofu stationary sets and think the puppy (he even sits and shakes hands!) named Frank would be such a fun addition to Mika’s room.

Have a great = fun, whimsical, original and happy week, or whatever your definition happens to be!

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