To love or not to love; the leather look

Styles changes and so mine has had some subconscious tweaking I realize. The basis remains quite the same as I am and will remain a girly girl who wont really feel comfortable in an overtly masculine or sporty look.  But it has got a bit edgier and therefore also the brands and stores I like have changed.

Part of that edgier look translates into an (even greater) love of leather. Not just leather as in jackets, bags and shoes as I also have but into the garments as well. I love my taupe leather dress and almost cried when last week my favorite soft as a newborn's butt (I would know) leather mini sprung a tear. To wear sparingly and as the statement, but when  done so, oh so amazing. Now other way to describe it but to say I feel absolutely     b-i-t-c-h-i-n-g, much to the chagrin of the hubby!


1. Pencil dress updated (owned). 2. leather pants with chunky zips. 3. over-the-knee boots (been on the hunt for the perfect not-slutty pair). 4. wrap around gloves. 5. golden t-shirt dress (let's make a statement). 6. snake embossed zip through skirt.

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