Striking a balance between sharing and oversharing. Being open and confidantly happy or quietly cherishing. But it's the Saturday before Valentines, so no other subject even comes to mind.

Whenever I hear a conversation where the qualities of a (potential) partner are discussed, I always miss the physical aspect of it all. It's a great sense of humour, outgoing, easygoing. Blah, blah, blah. Basically a short or sometimes excruciatingly long list of character traits. I'm pretty sure the first thing you spot is the way someone looks and the first thing you note is a sense of attraction or not. Is it too honest to be honest that looks and attraction matter? Considered superficial? Well then, too bad. I am too honest and superficial.

But I'm not saying that it was love or even lust at first sight, at least not for me. Sorry, babe. Actually, much the opposite. Super connection from the get-go, but definitely no least till the parting three pecks on the cheeks after the first date. It is kind of odd because the first real kiss I don't really remember but those pecks I do. Instantly transformed for interesting person to male, full blooded male of interest. I think it was because I felt how dare you kiss me, you scoundrel at the same time I'm thinking on the cheek, what am I, you're sister? Bringing out equal parts ice queen and molten mess. Boom, lit.

We're fireworks. Despite spending every free moment together, despite often being falling asleep on the couch tired, despite having kids running around like banshees half the time. I feel the exact opposite to how I first felt. The green eyes, the five o'clock shadow, the strong arms that lift me like one of the kids, but especially the eyes that sneak glances at the gym and make me feel like the hottest, most sexy person he's ever met.

Love is a fire. Attraction the spark. We light em up!

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