Gold splattered fedora Splatter hat

I kind of feel guilty admitting it but I loathe DIY fashion. Most of the time it looks like a kid trying out a sewing machine for the first time. Except I saw the most beautiful fedora from Eugenia Kim but couldn't justify the price tag. Plus it kept can do this. And so I did!

A simple, inexpensive fedora, gold textile paint and now I have my own customized bit of headgear for rainy days of like the picture covering up my post-workout hair! I watered the paint down to desired consistency, which I tested on a piece of scrap paper. I did a mix of smaller taps and larger drops. Make sure to cover up the part of the hat you don't want to splatter. It's that simple. Splatter hat Splatter hat Splatter hat Splatter hat Splatter hat

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