Valentines eats; hearts, strawberries & blueberries Valentines eats Valentines eats Valentines eats Valentines eats Valentines eats Valentines eats Valentines eats

Food inspiration comes from the strangest of places. This week it was a bedtime reading of Red Riding Hood. who was bringing a basket with homemade elderberry jam to grandma. We switched out the elderberry for something we like, sorry grandma.

We went for strawberry and vanilla...and blueberry and mint. Why, layer up? Because we can, that's why. And what's more fun than not knowing if your getting pink, purple or both!

225 grams of frozen strawberries
225 grams of frozen blueberries
450 grams of fine white sugar
6 tablespoons apple juice
1 vanilla pod
3 sprigs mint
brioche buns
clotted cream

Add the frozen strawberries, half the sugar and apple juice to a heavy pot. Add the split vanilla. Add the frozen blueberries, mint and remaining sugar and apple juice to a second pot. Simmer on a low till thickened. Let cool, scrape out the vanilla beans and add to strawberry mixture. Remove the mint. Pulse separately in a food processor till desired smoothness. Return to low heat and simmer until further reduced.

Brush the buns with melted butter on all sides and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Bake on moderate for five minutes or until browned. Serve the jam and buns with clotted cream.

P.S. I saw the heart shaped mini buns and couldn't resist working in a bit of rehearsal for Valentines day..

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