Little fashionistas

I find clothing is a great way to express your personality, attitude and mood. My little girl has such a great, big, happy personality that I like finding clothes that express that. Being as that I need to keep three other persons stylishly dressed, I combine pricier more unique items with things from the bigger chain stores. Always with thought, as not just anything old thing from the chain stores will do. My next post will focus on this. Here are some of my favs of the specials.

I love the vintage styling of Fleur & Dot's stuff. I adore these shorts for they playful yet don't mess with me attitude. A perfect match.

And these dresses. With a pair of converse and bright tights, just perfect for my ZoBo. I even think the little girl on the left looks a bit like ZoBo with the dark curly hair.

Forever in my memory as the first dress that papa liked, Gold Belgium is absolutely fabby. The words effortlessly cool, stylish and luxury materials, come to mind.

Paired with the first and favorite dress from Gold's was the exact tights in the next pic from Le toit de la Lune. Uniquely french; born to be stylish. The boys clothes are great as well, but that is another post all in itself.

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