Green clean

Since becoming a mom (mostly because of the associated morning sickness) I have a growing aversion to toxic cleaners. They get the job done, but often smell like they would melt metal. If I would not want these things touching my skin, why are the covering so many surfaces in my house? After all whether by first or second touch, they get in contact with you, your skin and your food.

I prefer to use a bit of elbow grease and hot water, baking soda, vinegar and lemons to abrasive bleaches and chemical blues. The down side is that this is more time consuming and often with lesser results. So I have been on the search for good green cleaners. Easier said than done, especially as the (ship to) Dutch market is pretty darn small.

I Like the Murchison-Hume line, but alas not available outside Aussie

I adore this complete kit from Mrs. Jones, but also no standard shipping available

Maybe give this line from Haven a go? They are willing to ship internationally

Hey, nobody said the road to greener pastures would be easy..

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