When we were in Hong Kong last year february I tried on a pair of purple converse (style) sneakers with studs down the front at the Steve Madden store. I decided against them at the time, but could not forget them. I searched many hours for them on internet, but alas to no avail. What did happen was a deep love for studs. Especially studs on shoes and bags. The perfect studded bag has aluded me thus far. But recently I decided to take the plunge with...

These River Island limited edition biker boots (in gray not black like the pic), which are now sold out and much desired on the selling scene. Daan hated them, making me doubtful, but now I love them so much they stand proudly displayed in the bedroom and not the cupboard

I have my eye on these sneakers

My dream pumps "Lorissa" from Sam Edelman

Or their more affordable cousin from online store Nelly

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