Little fashionistas, pt 2

Babies grow so quickly, that it is kind of wasteful to spend a ton of money on clothes. Especially with the chance of throw-up always lurking in the background. Reasonably-priced can still be of good quality (fit, style, material). In honor of this; two of my favorite high-street brands.

Baby Zara
A good reflection of current trends, with everything from lace dresses and chinos to studded gladiator sandals and neon derby shoes. And a super quick delivery and return service! I receive my packages within 2 days and within 24 hours of return my refund was booked.

Super cute dipped hem dress that Zoe Isobel has
Adorable and bright playsuit for summer?
A star-studded dress for my superstar?

A brand that has been part of ZoBo's closet since before her birth. A lot of her basics such as tights, onesies and pj's, as well as a large number of adorable dresses, are from this collection of kawai. Even her first pair of hard-soled shoes.

Super hip lace jacket with drape front

In honor of her love of Hello Kitty, whose hair clip has been worn all this week!

I am mad for this trench. Alas, it quickly sold out in her size

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