Christmas stocking for the home

I could not resist a post about Christmas gifts. This time though it focuses on smaller gifts, that are handy for the household. Let’s call them home stocking stuffers as you can make or buy a stocking as large as you like, e.g. this one from By Nord. In this stocking you will find gifts that are useful, functional but still oh, so well designed. 

1. Brass bag clips, these just might make it OK to leave bagged goods on the counter. 2. The floor to ceiling radiator in the kitchen holds kids art, notes and reminders, making a writing instrument there extra handy. In steps.. the magnetic pencil. 3. What with work, kids, sport and life in general, a family planner is a necessity, so why not make it cute? 4. After several attempts at finding good-looking and durable containers for bathroom paraphernalia I think this Seletti submarine might be the one. 5. The free dispenser that came with the scotch tape is now completely broken and so fugly, it hides behind the other office supplies. Not after a concrete upgrade, it won’t.

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