Dream scent

I kind of hate to agree but you do get a bit more rigid in your choices or maybe better phrased you make more grounded ones with a bit more experience. And so it is that I have my own signature scents and no I don’t mean BO. I mean perfume, which I wear pretty much every single time I leave the house. Of course they are new scents that catch my eye and entertain my fancy and I still want to try and find one for next spring that is as light and fresh as a cloud seems, but this is my basic stock inventory. 
J’adore which I have been wearing since graduation (crap, that’s almost a decade ago). Gucci Rush, bought on vacation a couple summers back and whose headiness is good for warmer spheres. Noa Cacharel, my go-to for girly lightness. And my youngest and personal favorite is Love Chloé, perfect for daily use and which seems to typify my wishes best with its classic minimal design getting a bit of edge with the fragile golden chain attached between the cap and bottle.
These are my favorites. What’s your dream scent?

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