Brass bookend

Continuing the rose gold, copper and brass tones love, I want to show you this stunner of a bookend from Oyoy. The shape is understated being a singular sheet of rolled metal but the brass coating makes it pop. The perfect minimal eyecatcher for your bookshelf. 


  1. These are beautiful bookends! With its bright gold-like appearance, brass really makes the bookshelf pop up. My boyfriend and I have two white bookshelves in our house and these bookends would be the perfect addition to our bookshelf decor. My boyfriend is handy and I know he would want to make his own bookends. In fact, he built our bookshelves!

    1. Hi Brandi,

      Sorry for the super late reply and making even the tortoise ashamed :).
      I would love to see the end results of the bookends if you guys make them and the shelves they would go on!


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