Broken & bloomed kintsugi blooms

I had two vases sitting on my kitchen windowsill. Both vacation souvenirs and so not just aesthetic but happy memories. Imagine my horror when I knocked one over and it split right down the middle. What to do..?
Fix it of course. But how to do that without a hideous and obvious glue seam? Make the seam as beautiful as the vase itself. And for that the new kintsugi repair kit from Humade is exactly the thing. Based on the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with gold it makes the ugly beautiful. I went for silver to match the delicate branch pattern and now my fave vase is once again gorgeous. So gorgeous it got upgraded from sill to table.

And since beauty attracts more beauty, it called for a burst of colourful flowers and even my flower shears got gorgeous with curved, gilded arms! kintsugi blooms

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