Mellow yellow; bathroom styling mellow yellow vipp

I'm human, I'm Dutch, so of course I like a give-away, especially if it's Vipp. And what's better than a give-away? Winning of course..
So how stoked was I to have won a giveaway from Vipp hosted by April and May. I won bathroom accessories in the colour yellow fellow. Fate as the colour in my bathroom was already yellow. But since living in a lemon is not my dream, it was time for a little mellowing.

This is the space before. I moved out the individual plants and added one tall bit of intense green instead. Even the sill got cleared leaving just the colours of the kids bath toys. And since it's much warmer, I only kept one of the bathmat layers.

Just a little update that lets my new yellow beauties take center stage..with a little help from green. mellow yellow mellow yellow mellow yellow vipp

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