Hot & Humid

Like I said, the updates are not quite done (they never really are). I have only been living in my home for nine months and so while definitely livable, it’s still in the finishing phase. The phase were I make it our home, with our personality stamped on top of a home that fits our live. I say ours because this update is inspired by my adorable daughter. She loves minimal clothing at home (I have no idea where she got that from..) but yet will move the bathmat from basin to shower to loo to back again. I realised recently I do exactly the same. Like mother, like daughter and like daughter like mother. And then the littlest one pretty much jumps from the shower to the mat to my arms because "it’s cold", "the floor is cold" and "I'm cold" or I’m tightly twisted around his cute little finger.. Either way, time for a fix.

I have yet to see a giant bathmat and putting in a rug not meant to dry quickly is just not an option. What’s left.. multiple bath mats. But how to make that look like something besides a shabby attempt at practicality? Layer those suckers and give the space a fresh take on nonchalant bohemian with a window full of plants.

I was originally planning to velcro the mats together but I like the looser, more casual effect and being able to easily change it up. Plus no sewing. Just simple light mats, but all with a different textural pattern and one stand-out mat in yellow because it is such a happy, fun colour. Coincidentally it turns out that a few of the orchid pots from storage are yellow. I guess yellow is my happy colour. The mats spread out across the floor like tetris blocks making cold winter feet a thing of the past.

I moved my orchids to the windowsill because the humidity of the bathroom is the perfect spot for these tropical beauties. I added in a few bits of green so there is more to look at then just sprouts. The heat and greenery makes me feel like I’m finally on holiday in a lush, tropical locale. And if I squint while taking a hot shower, it feels like I have a tropical outdoor shower in the middle of winter or at least a tropical greenhouse.

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