Ready, set, desk

My list of projects is epic and still growing. I just keep seeing more things I want to change improve. And that means others get pushed to the back, like revamping my office area into a serene and minimal workspace, in keeping with the rest of my master which is pretty colour-phobic. I made a moodboard to get me inspired. I even purchased a few things at the Woonbeurs back in October. Sadly still sitting in the packaging in the shopping bag in storage..

I just can't find and gung ho to prime and paint that desk into white-out. I figured if I laid it out that might get my juices going and the paintbrush in action. While I might wait just a wee bit longer (I promise myself by spring) it was good to see where my office is heading. Now all I need is the art for the wall and the paint of course.

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