Tick Tock Tick

One of the interiors accessories of my childhood home that made me question and laugh regarding my parents interior taste..a wooden, highly-lacquered clock in the shape of Florida with hand painted key tourist points including a gator farm. I still don't what exactly would make you purchase such ahem piece but I know find myself longing for the familiar ticking sound. With a more pleasing aesthetic but still the same principals of robust materials, unique and cheek. Add to that modernity, fun twist, timelessness and robust vs. delicate elegance and you have my dream clocks. And here is a round-of of exactly that.

Leather and ceramic beauty Horamur from Jaime Hayon. Darkest midnight offset with two interchangeable arrows Concreto from Puik Art. Menu does timeless minimalism like it's nobody's business and this marble clock proofs it. Authenticity and design at it best in the Base Clock from Kranen/Gille. Solid and simple is the name of the game with the Table Clock from Nooo. Simple and subtle is the Moak from Studio PS. The catalyst for my time love the absolute and all-round softness of the unglazed porcelain and feathered Vederlicht

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