Disco phone

Loved my Lapaporter iPhone cases. The first smooth black leather and lost and the replacement a pink salmon beauty. I can be quite a box ('doos') because somehow I thought it the perfect cover to keep my cup of scalding tea warm while I did 20 minutes of meditation. Result? It looks like and feels like a leftover fish dinner and I don't like fish. Tried my darnedest but it belly flopped. Another cover bites the dust.

But after two not so-cheap cases and both demised due to my usually careful manner, I needed a cheap one. How to do cheap when looks matter..a lot? Shop the sales of course. I got this mirrored Marc Jacobs cover for 80% off! I love a good sale. Plus the disco ball effect is a fun departure from my more upscale (get it salmon leather..) style. It also has a slight curve giving it a damn good back. I'm interested to see how it goes as it is not a full cover which leaves my screen unprotected but since full covers left my baby fully exposed when in use and when ahem the falls occurred, I'm wondering if this is the way to go..plus no slipping out and getting lost in my bag or again taking a nose dive upon retrieval. But for now I'm happy just 'Staying alive'.

Pictured with a pair of hairy heels in a wacky print and my simpler yet textural croco bag because this is my style..even when the outfit is basic there is a twist like the texture of the bag and there is always a flat out stand-out feature or two in this case (get it case, forgive me it's late).

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