Start, stop, moo-ve

I shared a peek at the contents of my wardrobe with my new denim and happiest piece. It was so much fun I decided to show you more of what those cupboards hold.

Here are my leather pants. Loose fit, literally one of the ones I wrote about here. I actually like wearing them with heels for contrast to the sporty nature but I wanted to do something more casual here. I have been wanting a pair of trainers that are cool enough as to not feel like my running gear. However much I love running, outside a run I want more shoe, less sports. I loved and still love the Adidas Stan Smith pony sneaks but alas when sale time rolled around my size was nowhere to be found. Flatforms are all over the place but I typically dislike that style. I love the Acne Adriana trainers especially in metallic, because come on they have friggin smiley computer faces on them, but let’s be honest I don’t wear sneakers often enough to justify that price tag. Then Zara came out with this cross up between the two and I fell in love. Higher than my vans but not so much that I feel like I stepped back in time and need to go to a rave and the words with eclamation point make me chuckle.

A cool textural sweater (pictured is my fav anything but boring black Avelon fusion), leather joggers and cool sneaks and not only am I still fly (does anybody say that anymore) but I don’t have to worry about Dutch sidewalks and surfaces..cobblestones have wrecked enough of my shoes and left me embarrassingly plucking my stuck shoe out to replace on my bare foot. 

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