Rocking out

This is space three. Space one was the hall, space two the living and so space three had to be a bedroom, my bedroom to be exact because these are my spots! Spaces just for me. I need time and space peacefully and blissfully alone. There I said it; I need quiet and lots of it! I always go back to these spots, when crowded, stressed or just in need of a break.

And what could be more de-stressing than rocking? This rocker is actually from the kids range that Mika's bed is from and is beautifully made of rich walnut. There is a ledge in the back where a child can stand, which is a hit with Zoe Isobel. I was thinking to put it his room but then went 'nah, this is for the moms'. A cushion, a thrown, a cuppa and I'm good.

The petal-shaped table I bought for my 25th and was long hidden away because the kids kept knocking it off it's delicate legs and so it was meant for the haven that is my space. Standing on top are my extremely delicate bone china vases from a Singapore trip. I recently received a stack of magazines I'd borrowed to a friend before the move and so was lost for as where to place them. I plonked them on the floor and topped with a cute little vase and the feather brush that was on my Christmas list, they make a great display and are in easy reach for some inspo browsing.

Topped with a floating plywood shelf (flipping love that material) that adds space for art and little treasures. At the moment a frame with the packaging from my Turina L necklace, a vintage vase I spray painted because orange is too 70's for me and the current books. And to browse and read a miniature petrol lighthouse.

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