Walk the line

Zoe Isobel’s room is finally complete as an indoor kids gym and play area. The balance beam I wanted for her room has been sold out for months. I checked the Ikea app daily and one day there was one in stock. Called the automated service just in case and it said none in stock, in any of the Dutch stores. I thought enough is enough, I’m going to take the risk and order it instead. Lo and behold one was delivered to my home! All that waiting and all I had to was have someone else transport it home. 
But that was just the beginning because I despised the red and white block pattern and so it was always destined for a facelift, fresh out of the box or not. I talked about it with the owner who gently (not so much) reminded me that nothing beats pink. We aim to please, so pink it is. In varying shades of pink, so the beam echoes the shading in the gymnastics mat. 

Ready, set, go! It is time to walk the line..gulp.

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