Grill it, stuff it, flip it, eat it

I originally titled this post overeasy or sunnyside but since runny eggs are another phobia of mine..20 facts about me is just not enough to cover the full scale of weird, I opted for a name I can deal with.

I used to love cooking, trying different things or reliving and re-inventing old favourites, basically doing whatever my tummy fancied. And I know I feel better deeper down because I find joy in that again but more about that at the weekend. For now, I just felt like eggs and bread for dinner. Odd because A. I am not big on eggs. B. it's typically breakfast fare. Yet let me tell you, three hours later and I'm still stuffed on this 'light morning' fare.

Because a boiled egg just will not do, I made an omelette stuffed with grilled portabello mushroom and parmesan cheese. Accompanied by a pre-baked baguette stuffed with creamy butter, more parmesan, sprigs of thyme and dusted with sea salt, white pepper and drizzled with olive oil rich enough to use as dressing. My entire ground floor was cloudy after grilling those shrooms but worth it because it brings out a great smoky flavour in those meaty babies. The grill juices went straight into the eggs, taking away from the yellow colour (a definite plus in my book) and upping the overall impact because I'm all about the bass/flavour. A drizzle of olive oil over the stuffing and a quick flash under the oven grill to set the eggs, a flip shut and we're done. Dusted with my favourite himalayan salt and a few extra sprigs of thyme and dinner was served..

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