Bake it, whip it, eat it

One of the first things I baked way back in the wood-oven days of my youth was a cherry clafoutis. Okay, so feeling a wee bit of pressure turning 3? this week but really it was one of the first baking go's. I remember how simple and easy it was. Light but also quite rich due to all those eggs. I have made it a few times since but not for years and so I figured since ‘there is no school like the old-school’ time to bring back the baking memories. But with a grown-up twist.

I wanted something to break up the softness of the baked fruit and custard. A splash of brandy takes it miles away from the realms of baked breakfast custard. But it was not just about the sweetness but also giving it a literal bite. Almonds and cherries go great together but I wanted something more. I opted for pistachios. The crunchy salty bits of green are a great contrast and with each slice topped with a piece of pistachio and Himalayan salt brittle it’s near perfect. Near because there is always room for cream. A dollop of vanilla bean specked hand-whipped cream to help you wipe the last bit of custard goodness of the plate or your chin..

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