The Ikea Sinnerlig collection by Ilse Crawford has been on just about every blog and website because it’s deserves to be. I find it just as inspiring as others. In fact it is has me inspired me to take the lush planting I like so much indoors outside this spring. 
I posted my inspiration for my garden here and absolutely love the modernity and fun of it. But I now crave the lush and the green. So time to mix the two together, tone down the harder minimal lines with softer more comfortable seating, natural materials, raw linens and oh yes cork;
  • My eye is on that bench because I love sitting slouch style with tons of cushions for propping.
  • The bottles with cork tops mixed in with tea lights and candles would be a great budget version of my inspiration nesting doll tablescape
  • I had been planning on weaving rope between the slats of my garden fencing but now feel that it should be natural instead of black rope. 
  • And of course more plants, lush clustered groupings of them, next to and on the different (side) tables.

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