Californication living

I spotted this home on Est Magazine, which is a favourite of mine and swooned. This makes me want to start drinking green smoothies and munching on kale ("boerenkool") chips and chia seeds if it means living in this California dream pad.

This home is not on the hill but built into it. The private spaces are below, giving the living spaces the best views because that is what this design is about. The living space is one giant rectangle of glass and completely open on all sides, making the high tree branches seem only a hand length away. Can't decide if you want to live in a tree house or nestled into the rocks? Then this place is your best bet because it is both and eco-friendly! And with an interior as simple yet stunning as the architecture there are no downsides..except maybe having your car die and having to hoof it down the hill but what are the chances of that happening?

See more of the home and other inspiring projects from Jensen Architects

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