Shelf it shelvie

I like my mess hidden away in drawers and cupboards, unseen and hidden from sight. Out of sight, out of mind. Perfectly neat on the surface, chaos below.
My kitchen now is so much smaller and even then it was a bit messy. Getting a dinner plate requires moving all the other stuff stacked on top out of the way. Every weekend I can’t see my baking trays much less find them. So I didn’t hesitate when I saw the Brackets Included shelves from Wrong for Hay in dusty green on sale at Wei Design.

Perfect because I want more colour in my home, especially in my cookie-cutter kitchen. But then I left them sitting tucked away under the stairs for far too long. I finally got around to installing them this past weekend and while I still have to rejig things to best utilise the cleared-out space, I’m loving it!

Coffee cups and sweeteners right above the coffee station, hallelujah. Dried goods in gorgeous see-through containers up high and visible, helps me better use what my kitchen already holds. The powdery sage colour and twist on bracketed shelves is icing on the cake. I love my shelves, like I love selfies, so here’s to shelvies. shelvie

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