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To be honest when the Textile Museum ended up being the work-outing activity I got slotted into I was a bit bummed. Fuddy duddy and boring came to mind despite the knitting hype.
So surprising how much I actually like it. The building is another beautiful example of a historic building with a stunning modern extension. The cafe is modern, cozy and urban. The staff interested and polite. It’s fun, educational and interactive to see actual products and not just examples being made. To walk amongst the enormous looms and experience the buzz and movement in the Textile Lab. There are changing expositions and workshops. I did one with my daughter with iron-on appliques which was great fun. And so inspired was I by my most recent trip that I got some extra fabric supplies so me and my gal can do more textile crafting fun at home. 

My recent trip however was centred around a trip to the museum shop. Museum shops rule and this one is no exception. I had a gift certificate sitting in my wallet for almost a year and finally decided to get something beautiful that I would never purchase for myself on the regular. I wanted a gorgeous table cloth. Something I also associated with fuddy duddy but no longer. Leaving only cloth handkerchiefs in the realm of old folks boring.. but never say never. 

I had a couple of favourites including Font of the Loom by Bertjan Pot but ending up going with Dutch Light by Wieki Somers. Classic damask technique and inspired by 17th century painter Jacob van Ruysdael combine to make a unique, modern and lively take on the puffy grey and silver clouds of home. When I made my final choice, it was laid out on a table with varying stacks of books, making it look like a real sky.

Here it is hiding all the pockmarks in the lacquer caused by a cheeky hungry/I'm not eating that two year old. With the remnants of a favourite apple dish destroyed by said two year old and what could be more appropriate the Serax cloud vase and spool of wool?

P.S. Another tip is to talk a trip around the table..it’s like lying in the grass on a summer’s day watching the clouds shift and pass.

designedlifeblog.blogspot.com dutch skies textiel museum

designedlifeblog.blogspot.com dutch skies textiel museum

designedlifeblog.blogspot.com dutch skies textiel museum

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