March wished march wishlist

Last week I shared my spring wardrobe based on the pieces in my wardrobe. Here are the pieces I’m wishing would secretly appear in there as well.

  •  I’m a sucker for the H&M conscious collection and wish it were a bit more affordable so I could go hog wild. My favourites though are the blazer with slits up the arms and the silk skirt. When this post goes up, I’ll probably be on the site doing some ahem browsing..
  • A wish list without Acne? Just not possible and the Corvina dress though a bit more summer for some is my definition of a light, spring dress with it sexy deep arm cut-out and light material. Wear it with a belt for more drama or loose, the styling options are too damn good.
  • The dress paired with the extremely stylish, incredibly minimal sandals from Zara and we’re ready for a cool cafe on a terrace with the sun on my face and some incredibly suave company by my side.
  • But to complete the look, I need a bag because I’m a bag lady. This outrageous, ponyskin clutch from Meli Melo please!
  •  To work the amazing butt that I keep straining my neck to see in my new flares, a floaty, feminine blouse from Atuko. I saw this brand over at April and May and near swooned. Oversized done right!
  • Flares are long and scream we need heels, we need them bad and so in marches these metallic heeled sandals from Cos.

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