March looked march looks

I shared a few of my February outfits, saw lots of comfortable and was interested in seeing if jeans and flats are the norm and decided to take a look at some of my favourite looks.

What makes them favourites? The overall look? Nope. Compliments? Great, but also no. Simply the way I feel. These are my faves because I felt simply like me in them. Confident and comfortable in my skin, which is totally the point. No?
  • Look one is all about what a run buddy titled 'man arms' of which she would like a set. Nicole skinnies from 2nd One, with a simple peplum from Topshop and Bernie heels from Dune. Statement by way of Rika waterfall necklace, Fashionology bar ring and The Row for Linda Farrow ombre and leather sunglasses.
  • Look two is the only one not actually taken in March but one that got me 'are you not cold' statements (answer..I feel that gust of wind). Sequin collar blouse, felt mini from See u Soon, Zara leather brogues, H&M icons leather jacket, Alexander Wang Brenda chain bag in rose gold, dome ring from Fashionology and sculpted bronze cuff from &Other Stories.
  • Look three is 'devil in the detail'. I mean the details on the boots alone. Zipped top from Sofie-Ann Back which is getting plenty of rotation, dressy sweat-style pants from Ydence, Norrebro boots from Wood Wood, letter necklace from Turina and bar ring from Fashionology.
So I guess I am favouring pants and flatter shoes at the moment but I feel smoking in them and that’s what counts!

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