Blooming dots blooming dots

Some things you never outgrow, like moving your s**it around or nicely put forever changing your space up.
No longer a nineties girl's dream room with pepto-pink walls and puffy floral curtains but still just as much fun as when I was wearing flares the first time round..

After I moved in the rocking spot and the hat storage, I was left with a few gaping holes in the wall above my desk. I'll show you what's in front of the largest ones soon..if I ever decide to paint the desk or not. But for now here's a little peek. 

My Muuto dots with their gorgeous colour injection got shifted ever so slightly in position. Offset with a flower necklace that I wear when I want to take the spring with me, holding a single if not giant spiked lily, which is strong enough to scent my entire space sweet! A simple little fix that makes me happy and reminds to stop and smell the flowers.. blooming dots blooming dots blooming dots

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