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Every week I grossly underestimate the time I need to get a post up and running and every week I end up thinking 'this week I stop blogging'
  • So starting the week with a positive hats off,
  • Halfway through April already? Here’s are my favourite March looks,
  • And since we’re on outfits, here are a few pieces I’m wishing for,
  • Dutch skies are pretty skies, here’s proof!

The pictures in this schedule are of my home, because I LOVE it, with its big blue door with peephole (still epic fun for the kids and me) and which I forgot to show when I showed the hall. I recently spruced it up with pretty pink hydrangeas, only to have a spring storm wreck it a week later. So glad I took some pictures beforehand. 

I'm definitely happy with the replacement fig tree that match the ones out back. A little barren now as the figs are tiny and leaves yet to open, so no pictures yet. But as soon as that happens and after I finally put up the lamp, it's pic time because I learnt my lesson..take the picture now! Oh, not forgetting a name board, a super personalised name board in steel by Studio Saar, just like in my last home, because it always make me happy to come home. Home is where the heart is.

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